Don’t Borrow Money to Friends or Family! This is the reason

Unlike borrowing money from banks or cooperatives, borrowing money from friends or family can have serious negative consequences. For whatever reason, for whatever reason, you should NOT borrow money from friends or family. An explanation over at

It’s inevitable that sometimes we get overwhelmed by the urgent need and need a quick loan. Nearby people like friends and family are the source of money we can trust.

Then why not borrow money from friends or family?

Then why not borrow money from friends or family?

Debt issues are unclear

Borrowing money from close relatives usually doesn’t have a clear loan contract.

The borrower is having a hard time finding a loan, while the lender feels sorry for the borrower.

If you do have to borrow money from friends or family, make sure you have a clear loan agreement. Include the exact date of repayment of the debt, about the flexibility of payment (if necessary), the delayed payment, or the terms of the installment. Make sure you are a borrower and the lender agrees to all the terms before you accept the loan!

As a result, there is no black on white that speaks of the exact date of repayment, the late payment, or the lender cannot delay the loan interest.

This condition puts both parties in uncertainty. Borrowers are cautious if the lender collects debts on a regular basis. The lender is also concerned that the repayment of debt is not timely.

Debt payment is not a priority

Debt payment is not a priority

Family foundations are a key weakness in lending money to friends and family.

Lenders often ask for a ‘soft’ loan repayment time. So the repayment of debt continues to decline beyond the promised date.

In this case, the lender is a very disadvantaged party. It could be that the lender also has the needs to be met and relies on the money it will pay off.

The borrower should not have an issue with his friends or family. It doesn’t matter how close you are to that friend or family member!

What if the lender suddenly needs the money?

Well, this is one of the things that makes it uncomfortable to borrow money from friends or family.

If the lender suddenly has an urgent need, be prepared to be charged before the repayment date!

Although there is a repayment date, usually when demand is tight, the lender may not care about the agreed time.

At this rate, you as a borrower must feel uncomfortable, right? The debt is charged before the time of repayment.

In other cases, if the borrower is late in repaying the loan, the lender can unilaterally foreclose on the borrower’s property as collateral. Of course, this is troubling. But what is the point if there is no clear loan contract, such things can happen.

It can cause anxiety

It can cause anxiety

Let’s say you borrow money from a friend and pay it off late.

Then when you have a get-together with a friend, it can feel awkward between you and a lender.

You are afraid that outside your knowledge your friend will talk behind your debt because you are late.

Your friends even look at you with caution, worrying that you are going to borrow money again and it’s too late to pay it off.

Things like this happen automatically and affect the relationship between the two people with debt issues.

Feel that you owe more than money

You only owe hundreds of thousands to pay for your child’s schooling. But the sister-in-law who lent you the loan asked you to take her child to school while you borrowed the money.

Although you only borrow money, you will eventually pay for it too.

But often when we borrow money with close relatives, we are also in debt because we are financially helped.

As if after lending money, the lender had control over the borrower’s life.

Did this happen? Of course not.

You as the borrower can subtly reject the lender’s request if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

Destroy relationships

Destroy relationships

What if your friend or relative is rude when you are in debt?

Or what if you were the one who was rude when you were in debt?

It hurts. Feeling disrespected. Feeling lied to.

All of those feelings threaten the continuation of your relationship with the lender.

Former close friends are now the biggest enemies due to debt delays.

Your other friends are finally wondering why your relationship wasn’t close. Eventually, your reputation as a borrower and your best friend as a lender will be tarnished after everyone knows the problem.

Don’t you want that to happen?

In order to maintain a relationship, don’t borrow money from friends or family, yes!

If you need a loan, there are still sources of lending that give you the convenience of making a loan

Just apply for a loan at Good Credit!

Online loans on Good Credit are easy to get! All you have to do is download the application, fill out the requested personal data, and then the loan can melt into your account within hours.

How to choose a consumer credit: the best organizations

Applying for consumer credit from a bank is a classic remedy for people who need a large amount of money on time. In principle, the credit is granted after consultation with its banker on the terms of payment of the loan and interest rates.

But are the banks the only financial institutions authorized for this kind of transaction?


The different organizations

consumer credit

It is good to know that a consumer credit is not only made with a bank. Indeed, it is important to know that other organizations also offer to offer a loan to individuals.

For example, there are organizations specializing in credit, but also certain insurance companies. It is also possible to apply to online banks and to start-ups that do personal loans.

It is important to consider certain criteria before choosing a credit agency. The first thing to consider is the proposed interest rate. These rates vary from one organization to another, which makes it essential to compare them properly.

On average, when a person requests a loan, the duration of payment is 48 months. To properly choose your consumer credit and the appropriate organization, certain criteria must be taken into account.


The different criteria of an organization

credit loans

Interest rate competitiveness

As mentioned above, before opting for consumer credit, it is important to analyze interest rates. It will depend on the person’s motives for making a loan: buying a new car, building a house, or other projects. It will be the organization which will propose the best rate which will logically attract the most people.

Facilitation of the request

To apply for a consumer credit, organizations often ask people to come to their agency to complete the usual formalities. This kind of procedure can drag things out.

On the other hand, an organization that offers offers online will greatly facilitate the task of the potential borrower. The latter obtains responses almost immediately, once the two parties have settled the details on the loan conditions.

Flexible offers

An organization appreciated by customers must imperatively be able to readjust its offers according to the needs of a customer. If the financial situation of the latter changes, the organization must be able to readjust its reimbursement conditions according to this parameter.

For example by proposing an early repayment, a change in the amount of repayment or even postpone the payment deadlines. You can renegotiate your credit with your bank.

How to get a Loan 30 years?


Loans up to 50% of the eligible investment costs with a term of up to 30 years. Duration up to 30 years, up to 3 grace periods. Ten years, 20 years, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 100%. The fixed interest rate for up to 30 years; flexible repayment options; Protection in the event of death and unemployment. Example: Annual percentage of the charge: 1.31%, committed interest on borrowings.

A used property may need to be refurbished and the old building apartment replaced when you move in. When it comes to real estate financing, experts advise an equity ratio of 20%. If you want to make your own contributions, you should assess them as realistically as possible so that your finances do not stall.

When it comes to home finance

When it comes to home finance

You support the state, the federal states and the municipalities with different support programs. You can, Good Credit offers you low-interest loans and grants. The financing requirements for a property are complex and require good planning. You can also include endowment policies in your financing. Who is a 30-year fixed-rate loan aimed at?

A 30-year fixed-rate loan is suitable for building owners and property buyers who set their monthly installments for the entire term of the loan and thus want to become more independent of future interest rate developments.

Annuity loan 30 years Good Finance BANK

Annuity loan 30 years Good Finance BANK

Anyone who builds or buys a property should also take additional costs into account. A used property may need to be refurbished and the old building apartment replaced when you move in. When it comes to real estate financing, experts advise an equity ratio of 20%. If you want to make your own contributions, you should assess them as realistically as possible so that your finances do not stall.

When it comes to home finance, you support the state, the federal states and the municipalities with different support programs. You can, The Good Credit offers you low-interest loans and grants. The financing requirements for a property are complex and require good planning. You can also include endowment policies in your financing. Who is a 30-year fixed-rate loan aimed at?

A 30-year fixed-rate loan is suitable for building owners and property buyers who set their monthly installments for the entire term of the loan and thus want to become more independent of future interest rate developments.

Loan repayment makes sense


Loan repayment makes sense if debt restructuring makes sense, how it works and what you need to watch out for. The benefits of this combination should be examined on a case by case basis. If I have a loan, of course, I try to pay the private one first. Pay off loans and save anyway. However, it makes sense to have parallel provisions for next year’s debt repayment.

A community for success-oriented real estate investors

A community for success-oriented real estate investors

However, I still have a basic question: should one choose the repayment as high or as low as possible? Repayment is not possible. With a high repayment, the debt naturally decreases faster, which means that you will have to pay significantly less interest over the years. However, I have heard the following considerations from other real estate experts who have opted for the lowest possible repayment: On the one hand, with a low repayment, you can claim the inflation more for yourself (this aspect is logical for me).

The return on equity increases with a small redemption. I cannot understand this claim, because in my opinion the repayment amount has no influence on the return on equity, but only ensures how much of the cash flow can be disbursed …….

BILLING DAY: Huge gaps in supply threatened by suspension models/repayment loan.

With the installment loan, the repayment amount remains the same and the interest charge decreases over time (due to the falling residual debt) so that the borrower’s regular interest charge decreases over time. The reduction in the interest charge overtime is used here to increase the repayment amounts so that the regular interest charge on the borrower remains constant over time.

However, ingenious minds added a variant to the two above-mentioned forms of repayment ten years ago: the exchange of regular debt repayment by regular savings in an investment product (e.g. building society contract, life or pension insurance, capital policy, etc.). From a purely business perspective, these “combination packages” make sense if the consumer in the savings process in the repayment vehicle receives a higher rate of return than he pays as a loan interest rate.

The debtor’s payments to the repayment vehicle


Are worth more than the interest saved on repayment. The savings product, including the tax burden, is of advantage if the after-tax return on the savings product is above the percentage of the after-tax expenses of the unpaid bond.

At the same time, the expiry payments from endowment life and pension insurance policies were no longer subject to tax until December 31, 2004, and have since been tax-privileged (at least half of them are subject to the personal tax rate).

Therefore, the models of the repayment vehicles were also referred to as “interest rate inflation models”. Instead of repaying the loan to zero with a certain pension, the borrower only pays the interest and, with the repayment saved, creates a higher final balance in the savings product (repayment rate). At the time, these combination products had boosted the buyer’s expectations of an economic benefit (surplus) compared to continuous repayment.

However, the desired advantages of the repayment model are also offset by a number of individual risks, such as the inflation of the business partner’s balance sheet, the higher credit rating, the risk of poor earnings or insolvency, such as the default of the repayment means.

The repayment amount of the loan does not contain any uncertainties, but it is certain – in many cases, the savings product (especially if it is saved in a sophisticated life or pension insurance/capital insurance) offers significantly less maturity than in the case of expectations and was promised as in the past (of course not binding!) forecasts of the suppliers.

The unfortunate situation at the moment is as follows


Private sources of finance can often cost tens of thousands of dollars, and financing medical practices and law firms can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It should be emphasized that the brokers of the above-mentioned repayment models do not inform their customers regularly and early about the impending supply gaps, but rather let them “hit the wall”! have the opportunity to convince themselves of the brokers.

Because presumably one is pleased about further portfolio maintenance commissions and other income from the customer relationship every year and wants to address the customer as late as possible in order to conclude a very negative additional business for the customer (!). Note: omit the non-guaranteed surplus for your own protection. d) Termination of the savings product and negotiation with the house bank about the (early) repayment of the loan.

Because the correct assessment of the individual circumstances brings with it both legal and complicated financial mathematical problems, it may make sense to call in an expert for actuarial questions for a fee.

Taking out a home loan


You can find out what you need to look out for and how to get the right loan from us. Pawnshop drum knives hired at the Value Horn Sound Festival, which has one. Don’t be frugal as young weeks of fresh control exercise fund stock loans on home borrowing conditions.

The Walburg thirsty drink borrows according to the politics that the mother’s house is building. The requirements for a house in Germany are recorded and an unrestricted, comfortable bed is dressed. Home loan: How much should I borrow?

English translations – German case studies


Take it to the house bank and take out a loan. Put it in a bank and get yourself a credit. The pet owners must take out loans to provide their pets with food. It may only increase the savings banks’ equity to promote lending and borrow. The Förderungs company may participate in the capital of the savings banks only for the purpose of further developing lending and granting loans.

It is also worrying when the little ones take out loans, for example when shopping on the Internet. she said further: Another working phenomenon is that children borrowing (eg for purchases on the Internet), the parents cannot control. I can take out loans for a permanent position. With a full-time job, I can get a loan. (With a full-time job I can take out a loan.)

You could take out a loan with your house as a pledge. You could get a loan with your home as security. When I bought a new vehicle, I took out a loan ….. I’ve got to be able to buy a car and get a credit. Risk assessment and customer borrowing would enable us to view our relationship to capital in pure numbers.

The Risk Assessment and the creditworthiness

The Risk Assessment and the creditworthiness

The customers are causing us to see our relationship with the money. It acts as a cooperative institution in which the shareholders (including institutional officials) can save and borrow. It acts as a savings bank in which members (including officials from EU institutions) can save and borrow.

Claudia, if we want to move on, we have to take out a loan. When I bought a new vehicle, I took out a loan … For example, if you take out a loan, the amount of this loan is equal to the NPV for the lender. If for you, for example, is borrowing money, the loan amount is the cash value for the lender.

In particular, European consumers who take out a loan will have access to comparable standard data thanks to this directive. The main effect of this directive will consist of making comparable and uniform information available to consumers throughout the EU who tapered. No results were found for this function.

Loan without proof of salary Loans without payroll

Loans without payroll. It is particularly quick and easy to apply for a lightning credit without proof of income here since all proof of income etc. is not required so that you can immediately get a loan without proof of income. The others don’t go to work at all and therefore don’t even have proof of salary that can be presented.

But an urgent loan without a payslip is not that easy to get. What should I look for when applying for a loan? Anyone who is interested in borrowing without a payslip should definitely compare the different providers, as the conditions can vary greatly and the borrower can often save a lot of money.

Credit without payroll We have the right total solution for you

Credit without payroll We have the right total solution for you

Important information for problems with loans without a payslip. Are you planning to grant a loan because of urgent needs such as B. have to pay for a car, a cell phone, a vacation trip or other large purchases? But do you have the problem area of ​​a bad Credit Checker entry or a bad workload? And is your earnings from wages, salaries, pensions, training allowances or unemployment benefits relatively low or irregular?

With the following concrete recommendations for action, you can get relatively easy access to cheap loans and at the same time avoid expensive credit traps for loans without payroll.

However, many are unable to ask relatives or acquaintances for “credit without a payslip”. Even a loan application to the house bank is unnecessary simply because of poor creditworthiness or a Credit Checker registration.

There is a good chance for a borrower to get a loan

There is a good chance for a borrower to get a loan

Even without a Credit Checker credit report or with an unfavorable credit rating. A number of serious credit intermediaries aim to arrange foreign bank lending for companies with negative credit ratings. The intermediary supports you above all in the procurement of a tailor-made loan from a domestic or foreign financial institution.

A professional credit broker will advise you on the financing offer, show you all the advantages and disadvantages and support you in preparing the application documents.

Since many intermediaries have good relationships with less well-known financial institutions, there is a good chance of negotiating more favorable credit terms without payroll. In contrast to large banks, where the credit approval process is almost exclusively computer-controlled, each application is checked individually.

For example, it is possible to explain a negative entry in Scufa so that it does not have as much information in the credit check. Without a payroll, an established house bank would have no chance of getting a loan. The majority of credit institutions offer their services via the intranet. There are no intermediaries with more experience than these two as long as they deal with issues like credit without payroll.

A reputable broker will always act in your favor

A reputable broker will always act in your favor

When it comes to non-payroll loans. In principle, you as an applicant do not incur agency costs because he receives his commission from the house bank. You can recognize a respected intermediary by the following characteristic: The financing of large projects through external credit institutions is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the classic route to a commercial bank, customers now also have the option of taking out individual loans from foreign banks tailored to their needs via the network. The guidelines for lending, which are significantly simplified compared to Germany, speak for a financial institution abroad. A negative Credit Checker entry or insufficient creditworthiness therefore only plays a subordinate role in the area of ​​credit without payroll.

Such online loans are usually granted by Swiss credit institutions. This could be an attractive option for debtors who need a financial injection particularly quickly but have already been rejected by a German savings bank. This group of people obviously has an extremely difficult time dealing with loans without payroll. Poor creditworthiness or indebtedness significantly reduce financing opportunities.

It is a loan from a Swiss financial service provider. A negative Credit Checker entry is not important for these credit institutions since such an application is usually left out, which makes the search for loans much easier. This is a big plus, especially when it comes to non-payroll loans. Of course, you cannot get a loan from a Swiss bank without a credit check and various securities and proof of income.

If your creditworthiness is positive


A Swiss loan is a real choice over a loan without proof of salary, even if you have a negative Credit Checker entry. Above all, as a borrower, make sure that the monthly installments of the loans are not too high. The most important factors for good financial viability are good conditions and low-interest rates.

In addition, the loan offer should be as variable as possible. This includes special repayments without surcharge or the possibility to suspend repayment for a whole year. If all of this is true, you can rightly speak of a sustainable financing option on the subject of credit without payroll. However, there are a few aspects that you should consider so that nothing stands in the way of your credit as an employee, job seeker, intern, student, pensioner or self-employed:

The basic principle is applicable: for a loan item without a payslip, the necessary funds must be estimated as precisely as possible from the start. Therefore, you should keep the amount of the loan as low as possible. If you need a loan with no payroll, you need to correctly assess your financial position in advance and take a close look at your own income and expenses.

How much is spent on what every day? It is important to be honest, accurate, and cautious with all information about your own financial and credit standing – especially when it comes to non-payroll loans, and careful, precise and honest with all information about your financial and credit performance. The comprehensive and sincere presentation of your financial situation gives you a serious insight that will have a positive effect on your chance for an instant loan or an express loan.

In principle, nothing should stand in the way of your loan request without a payroll if you follow the advice and information mentioned above and pretend to be a reliable business partner.

Get your credit at a reputable house bank without a loan shark


Since I haven’t been to Berlin for long, I haven’t had anyone to ask questions. In Hamburg or Berlin. Loan Sharks Are you looking for loan sharks online or in your area? I am writing the third part of my Berlin series. by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schuldnerberatung of the associations in Berlin.

Get your credit at a reputable house bank without a loan shark

Get your credit at a reputable house bank without a loan shark

Your search for a loan shark has ended. Get your credit at a reputable house bank without a loan shark. Application for removal of housing with the next loan shark? Where do you find such loan sharks now? Application for removal of financing – bonds, loans – general loans in ….. Loan shark Is often spotted in familiar surroundings, in newspapers and magazines:

The loan shark. Removal request Does anyone know up close. de? Let it be, borrow sharks, go to your house bank ….. “Credit Sharks” often promise the impossible, only collect or borrow private money at exorbitant interest rates. Application for removal of unemployment benefits in Austria – promotion portal. at …… Enquire now about loan offers for unemployed people in Austria!

Removal Request Can I claim retroactive child benefit? REQUEST FOR REMOVAL EXPERIENCE WITH MAXIMDA CREDIT – Immediate Credit? Anna Diamante wrote: “But lenders who don’t provide credit information take such a big risk that they can only be credit sharks.

Here you have direct access to the best list of rental sharks

Here you have direct access to the best list of rental sharks

Financing Forum Removal Request – a Discussion forum on loans, financial investments… Who has had good experiences with lenders? Numerous loan sharks rumble on paper. If you know of a working database … Cheap credit, serious instant credit, even credit without Shanghai, you will receive quickly and with favorable conditions.

Favorable price-performance ratio as an instant loan. REQUEST TO REMOVE the experience with www.E-Money. In our finance portal you can also borrow without a savings bank, advantageous borrowings even without a savings bank check, financing and debt even with poor creditworthiness.

Intermediaries with dubious promises

Intermediaries with dubious promises

He snaps, pays the customer – the “loan shark”. They are backed by credit institutions that are not subject to public supervision. As a rule, it is people who can no longer get a bank loan from the house bank and who have debts. The intermediary often offers them loans without a Credit Bureau request, as well as support with debt repayment or financial restructuring – of course against payment or cash on delivery. The intermediaries can support their customers in this.

“Ultimately, the consumer generally receives a purchase invoice instead of a loan. It is not uncommon for dubious suppliers to refer to illegal provisions,” warns Niels Nagelhauser of the Baden-Württemberg consumer center. Because loan sharks often try to sell additional orders and services to their customers. If you don’t pay, you will quickly find a collection service that will further increase the cost of billing.

“Those who need a mortgage loan should not contact the advertisers of the classified ads, but ask the banks first,” says the finance expert. If the mountain of indebtedness rises and the expenses exceed the earnings for several months. If you then get no or only very bad credit, we recommend: Those affected should contact a debt counseling center.

Heating loan replacement calculator for home loan


Replace the loan early If you have to pay compensation for installment loans and construction loans Replace the loan early: How to determine the new loan amount: Calculate your personal financing with our mortgage calculator.

If the interest rate is then lower than when the financing was concluded, you should the borrower restructure the home loan. The home loan test shows which provider is really worth taking out a loan with. Take the home loan test and find the right loan:

Home loan without own funds

Home loan without own funds

Anyone who wants to buy or build a property usually needs a loan. The loan is based on the special conditions associated with the construction or acquisition of a building. There is a great contrast to other credits in the amount of credits. As a rule, customary installment loans of up to max. Granted USD 5,000, but this is not enough for people with a construction project.

A further significant deviation can be seen in the interest rates. On the one hand, they are always lower than with other forms of financing, since the property is considered important security. As a rule, the property value is greater than the loan. The credit institutions thus minimize the risk by making an entry in the land register.

The entry in the land register ensures ownership of the property, and the credit institutions require their own access until the loan is repaid. In the event of a default, credit institutions can initiate the home sale and use the amount received to repay the loan. Due to the high loan amount, there are long maturities in the loan contracts, so that the interest rate level could change significantly, but no longer affect the loan.

Anyone who wants to take out a building loan

Anyone who wants to take out a building loan

Should provide the house bank with its own funds. The capital reduces the risk. In practice, it is possible for credit institutions to provide a pillow so that they can better assess their creditworthiness. In addition, the loan amount is reduced in order to improve the availability of the personal credit line.

Finally, the equity capital is of particular importance because the entry in the land register is secure. The loan amount is smaller than the house value so that the credit institutions have more security.

Anyone who wants to take full financing to buy a home will encounter difficulties with the credit institutions. Many people want to find out that around 20% of the purchase price is paid in as own funds.

With full funding, the credit institutions would not have enough security for the loan. Many credit institutions, therefore, reject the applications. However, home financing can be used by a private person as complete financing. Suitable investors should be found in the retail market who do not attach any importance to the equity capital for the loan.