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Loans without payroll. It is particularly quick and easy to apply for a lightning credit without proof of income here since all proof of income etc. is not required so that you can immediately get a loan without proof of income. The others don’t go to work at all and therefore don’t even have proof of salary that can be presented.

But an urgent loan without a payslip is not that easy to get. What should I look for when applying for a loan? Anyone who is interested in borrowing without a payslip should definitely compare the different providers, as the conditions can vary greatly and the borrower can often save a lot of money.

Credit without payroll We have the right total solution for you

Credit without payroll We have the right total solution for you

Important information for problems with loans without a payslip. Are you planning to grant a loan because of urgent needs such as B. have to pay for a car, a cell phone, a vacation trip or other large purchases? But do you have the problem area of ​​a bad Credit Checker entry or a bad workload? And is your earnings from wages, salaries, pensions, training allowances or unemployment benefits relatively low or irregular?

With the following concrete recommendations for action, you can get relatively easy access to cheap loans and at the same time avoid expensive credit traps for loans without payroll.

However, many are unable to ask relatives or acquaintances for “credit without a payslip”. Even a loan application to the house bank is unnecessary simply because of poor creditworthiness or a Credit Checker registration.

There is a good chance for a borrower to get a loan

There is a good chance for a borrower to get a loan

Even without a Credit Checker credit report or with an unfavorable credit rating. A number of serious credit intermediaries aim to arrange foreign bank lending for companies with negative credit ratings. The intermediary supports you above all in the procurement of a tailor-made loan from a domestic or foreign financial institution.

A professional credit broker will advise you on the financing offer, show you all the advantages and disadvantages and support you in preparing the application documents.

Since many intermediaries have good relationships with less well-known financial institutions, there is a good chance of negotiating more favorable credit terms without payroll. In contrast to large banks, where the credit approval process is almost exclusively computer-controlled, each application is checked individually.

For example, it is possible to explain a negative entry in Scufa so that it does not have as much information in the credit check. Without a payroll, an established house bank would have no chance of getting a loan. The majority of credit institutions offer their services via the intranet. There are no intermediaries with more experience than these two as long as they deal with issues like credit without payroll.

A reputable broker will always act in your favor

A reputable broker will always act in your favor

When it comes to non-payroll loans. In principle, you as an applicant do not incur agency costs because he receives his commission from the house bank. You can recognize a respected intermediary by the following characteristic: The financing of large projects through external credit institutions is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the classic route to a commercial bank, customers now also have the option of taking out individual loans from foreign banks tailored to their needs via the network. The guidelines for lending, which are significantly simplified compared to Germany, speak for a financial institution abroad. A negative Credit Checker entry or insufficient creditworthiness therefore only plays a subordinate role in the area of ​​credit without payroll.

Such online loans are usually granted by Swiss credit institutions. This could be an attractive option for debtors who need a financial injection particularly quickly but have already been rejected by a German savings bank. This group of people obviously has an extremely difficult time dealing with loans without payroll. Poor creditworthiness or indebtedness significantly reduce financing opportunities.

It is a loan from a Swiss financial service provider. A negative Credit Checker entry is not important for these credit institutions since such an application is usually left out, which makes the search for loans much easier. This is a big plus, especially when it comes to non-payroll loans. Of course, you cannot get a loan from a Swiss bank without a credit check and various securities and proof of income.

If your creditworthiness is positive


A Swiss loan is a real choice over a loan without proof of salary, even if you have a negative Credit Checker entry. Above all, as a borrower, make sure that the monthly installments of the loans are not too high. The most important factors for good financial viability are good conditions and low-interest rates.

In addition, the loan offer should be as variable as possible. This includes special repayments without surcharge or the possibility to suspend repayment for a whole year. If all of this is true, you can rightly speak of a sustainable financing option on the subject of credit without payroll. However, there are a few aspects that you should consider so that nothing stands in the way of your credit as an employee, job seeker, intern, student, pensioner or self-employed:

The basic principle is applicable: for a loan item without a payslip, the necessary funds must be estimated as precisely as possible from the start. Therefore, you should keep the amount of the loan as low as possible. If you need a loan with no payroll, you need to correctly assess your financial position in advance and take a close look at your own income and expenses.

How much is spent on what every day? It is important to be honest, accurate, and cautious with all information about your own financial and credit standing – especially when it comes to non-payroll loans, and careful, precise and honest with all information about your financial and credit performance. The comprehensive and sincere presentation of your financial situation gives you a serious insight that will have a positive effect on your chance for an instant loan or an express loan.

In principle, nothing should stand in the way of your loan request without a payroll if you follow the advice and information mentioned above and pretend to be a reliable business partner.